The North Face & JD Visuals

3D Motion Design created for The North Face, JD & Aitch.

Project Details


The North Face, JD & Aitch

3D Motion Design

Projection Mapping onto a climbing wall allowing the space to become the canvas for the evening, embracing the Explorers Unite by combining Natural wilderness with urban exploration.

As part of the design process for the evening I was brought on board to design the 3D elements. The walls become our canvas for the evening, a stunning centrepiece to the event with content evolving through the night to encompass the essence of exploration with seamless animations.

Using a combination of natural shapes and contours I helped to create seamless animations that connect the urban and natural environments using the lines that are made up of the tag line “Explorers Unite”.

These animations create a hypnotic loop as they flow through from one landscape to the other.